My new cerveza is going to bring some special nights your way, Lady Besos gives you her word! Because just like me, my new beer is spontaneous, sensual and daring. Its universe is inspired by my beautiful country, Mexico. In my country, the Lucha Libre wrestlers are treated like living gods. We love to watch them while savouring an ice-cold beer in a local bar full of colourful characters and good stories. Over there, where the fiestas never end and people spend lazy afternoons in the scorching heat, you need to keep your head cool. And under the blazing sun, there is seduction in the eyes of every passer-by. As the temperature continues to rise, ay caramba! Taste the heat and light of the Mexican sun in every mouthful of Besos.

seducteur seductrice

Listen up, muchachos: Lady Besos will reveal her secrets of seduction. Follow them and... muchos Besos will be coming your way!


Tip No.1 : Be yourself!

What's the deal with pretending to be someone you're not? Be yourself and you will be appreciated for who you are, whether it is just for tonight or for a long time. Keep it real, and Lady Besos promises that hearts will be melting for you!

Tip No.2 : Don't chase everything that moves !

Once you get into hunter mode, you risk looking like a loser and you're bound to screw up. Chill out and have a good time! It will give you a positive image: you will look like a guy who is fun to be around.

Tip No.3 : Make her want you.

If you obsess on one girl all evening, you won't stand much of a chance. Make her want you, cariño! Furtive little glances and an air of cool detachment are so much sexier... and then she will come to you. Want to bet?

Tip No.4 : Be fun !

All the girls like a guy who makes them laugh. You don't need to be a clown or a stand-up comedian. Be cool, be light, be funny - keep smiling! Coming on heavy? Bad plan!

Tip No.5 : Be stylish!

That grungy old t-shirt you will never throw away - are you sure it makes you look as hot you think? Take my advice: give it to the dog. No need to play the fashionista but find your own style, the clothes that make you feel good, it's as simple as that.

My dears, listen to an expert on los chicos: Lady Besos is going to teach you the delicate art of seduction... the guys will be falling at your feet!


Tip No.1 : Break down the wall !

Just between you and me, girls often give guys the impression of being an impenetrable fortress. How do you expect them to get past your defences? If you like a guy, come down from your tower... he will realise it is safe to approach. And if he doesn't get it: mount your own campaign!

Tip No.2 : Feel good !

Even if you're having a bad day, don't stay indoors moping about. Get out there, go and check out that new bar, go for a walk... get some fresh air into your soul! You will soon get your smile back and then people will love being around you. And that makes it so much easier for men to approach you!

Tip No.3 : Make the first move, but don't come on too strong.

Men like to be seduced as well but just like you they know there is an art to it. Instead of playing the inaccessible princess, make the first move! But take it gently and... get ready for the Besos!

Tip No.4 : Don't go looking for Mr Perfect.

There is no such thing as Mr 100% Perfect. Luckily, because those little human failings are kind of cute too! Does the man of your dreams absolutely have to be blond? Dark? Why not dreadlocks or completely bald?! Forget your preconditions: you risk missing out on a beautiful romance full of Besos!

Tip No.5 : Keep your feminine mystique !

It's true, we all know girls love to chat. And sometimes that takes away the veil of mystery that guys love so much. So don't tell him too much, too soon! Does he really need to know everything? Surely not.