Besos Tequila

Extravert and exuding pleasure, Besos Tequila is a new, super-refreshing blonde beer. Flavoured with tequila and citrus notes, Besos Tequila is just like Lady Besos herself: original and daring. The must-have cerveza for your hottest summer fiestas!

Discover Besos Tequila & Guarana

Besos Tequila con Guarana

Provocative with a touch of craziness, Besos Tequila Guarana is Besos' latest creation. This cerveza is flavoured with Tequila, but it also contains guarana to keep you dancing all night long. It has a kick all right, but a delicious one with notes of exotic red fruits to take away most of the bitterness, making it perfect for lovers of sweet beers.